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J’Ouvert is a Caribbean holiday.  In New York City, it is also a street festival.  In preparation for NYC’s J’Ouvert, the NYPD put out this flyer.


If you can’t figure out what happened next, you are not a regular reader of this blog.

Four people were shot and two people were stabbed, leaving a total of two dead.  I guess you just can’t trust criminals not to break the law, even if you tell them not to.

Maybe next time, the NYPD will put out their flyer in ALL CAPS.  I’m sure that will be more effective.


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  1. And not a single one of those acts of violence will be investigated or prosecuted, because we all know it would lead to unwelcome revelations for the Democratic party.

  2. “Do not shoot anyone.”
    “Do not stab anyone.”

    Maybe this Nth time of telling miscreants this will be the magic moment they understand? My guess not. Some folks don’t get the underlying concept, much less that specific words put in a specific order have a specific meaning.

    While it’s hardly at the level of a moral issue (much less murder), I regularly have to deal with folks who have mental blocks about what words/phrases/sentences mean and why they’re uttered — even the simplest stuff. I’m the autocross chairman for a car club and the guidelines during the sign-up process and my announcements at the driver’s meeting include “Do not change your work or run assignment without permission from me.” Recently, a young guy was missing when I was assigning work duties, and a woman answered when I called his name for the third or fourth time. Me: “You’re not Joe.” Her: “No, I’m his mom. He is racing now.” Me: “Why did he change his run and work assignment?” Her: “I said he could take my spot and race first.” Me: “Did you read and hear the multiple times I said ‘Do not change your work or run assignment without permission from me’?” Her: “Yes.” Me: “What did you think ‘Do not change your work or run assignment without permission from me’ meant?” Her: “I don’t know.” Me: “It meant to not do what you just did.” Her: “Oh.”

  3. Foosh. That’s a quite day in Chicago.

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