If you are going to insult, go for broke.


Don’t you just love the Goodthink training? We must ensure that Thought-Crime does not happen at any cost, Newspeak is the answer.

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” (1984. George Orwell.)

I say: Fuck subtle, insult big time. Troll like you were fishing for sharks. Make them suffer and roll around on their own mental feces. They are an insecure bunch, so help them perpetuate that feeling. Stupid should hurt.

Be a Thought-Criminal.


Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. Agreed. It’s sad to see the decline of academia in such a short time. It’s only been a scant 19 years since I was a freshman in college. Now grant it, it was over at Suntan U, where BMWs and cocaine were more important than class, but still, the most we got in terms of “orientation” upon entry was just a tour of campus and a class on how to be safe in Miami, i.e. “Don’t go to Overtown, don’t try to walk to Coconut Grove from campus, ladies, watch your drinks…”

    I’d hate to see how it all is now.

  2. Subtle insults are usually accidental indiscretions. Social awkwardness. As one friend of mine once said when I apologized for such an indiscretion: “If you’d meant to insult me, you would have made it HURT.”

    A really nice, solid, stinging insult is a work of art, and should make the recipient question their entire world.

  3. These people are really out to destroy knowledge and education.

    “What’s an environmental microaggression?” Ms. Marlowe asked the auditorium of about 525 new students. She gave an example. “On your first day of class, you enter the chemistry building and all of the pictures on the wall are scientists who are white and male,” she said. “If you’re a female, or you just don’t identify as a white male, that space automatically shows that you’re not represented.”

    A quick search shows that of all the Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry there were 4 women. The rest were men, mostly American Jews and Germans. None were Black. If you want to change that, more women and minorities need to go into chemistry. These people have the attitude that instead of encouraging diversity in chemistry, the lack of famous women chemists discourages women to go into chemistry.

    All diversity officers do is make stuff worse. When we had fewer people pointing this BS out at every turn, we got better inclusion and performance. Now we are regressing.

    • “If you’re a female, or you just don’t identify as a white male, that space automatically shows that you’re not represented.”


      If you’re a female, or you just don’t identify as a white male, that space automatically shows that you’re not REPRESENTING! Quit whining and start LIFTING!

      (directed towards the black-supremacist misandrist bigot, obviously, not to you, J.)

  4. I laugh when women complain about being underrepresented in the STEM field. Colleges these days are crying out for STEM students, regardless of sex or ethnicity. Scholarships for women & minorities in the STEM field are numerous. A girl will get a free ride if she chooses to major in science. Unfortunately, the girls complaining are typically gender-studies types.

    • Their benefits continue as women and minorities are heavily recruited by STEM dependent businesses.

    • Really. Whatever happened to “Be the change you want to see in the world?”

      Or maybe they just want to see an increase in worthless leeches on society who aren’t good for anything except demonstrating how useless welfare is.

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