University offers segregated housing to black students.

Segregated housing will now be available to black students at California State University Los Angeles as a means of combating “microaggressions” and “racially insensitive remarks.”School officials have honored requests by CSLA’s Black Student Union and will offer “housing space delegated for Black students” at the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community.

Source: Cal State University LA offers segregated housing to shield black students from ‘microaggressions’ – Washington Times

This is what happens when stupid people are given the chance to fuck up with history for political purposes. Santayana comes to mind.

I find it sadly amusing that 62 years after Brown v. Board of Education, we have once again “separate but equal” schools, 21st Century style and by demand of the once abused minority.

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  1. Since I am white I am supposedly racist automatically per these pinheads

  2. Do blacks or whites perpetrate the majority of racially insensitive remarks? My experience is the former and not the latter.

    • I see a lot more racism emanating from the black community than from whites. They play the racism card every time someone disagrees with his socialist policies and it is tiresome. It devalues real racism when and where it exists.

      Let’s just look at the election of the POTUS. He got something like 97% of the black vote for a junior senator with no accomplishments and a checkered past with radical affiliations and ideas. Sounds like you have an issue with racism when you vote for a poorly qualified half-black man in total lock-step. Yes, he is only half-black since he is of mixed-race and yet he is always referred to as a black man, yet another example of racism.

      Now they want to undo the gains of the civil rights era and segregate themselves from the evil white man. That is their choice, but it will only harm them. By all means, realize Margaret Sanger’s desire to kill blacks by abortion, eschew education, continue astronomical rates of father-lessness, and engage in the drug trade and gang lifestyle, vote for Democrats and you have the hellholes of Chicago and DC.

      • Actually, Sanger believed abortion was a horrifically barbaric process that was too cruel for even the lowliest of undesirables, her real shtick was eugenics (namely, convincing the undesirables to willingly adopt birth control and sterilization). Not that the left will actually admit to either of these things nowadays.

  3. Pretty soon they’ll be separate drinking fountains, toilets and lunch counters….wait, err….never mind.

  4. What we’re seeing is young Democrats getting back to their party’s segregationist roots.

  5. MLK is spinning at high RPM about now… sigh

  6. Even George Wallace repudiated his segregationist beliefs before he died.
    I thought segregation was finally dead and buried with the 1970’s.

    But the Democrats have dug it up again, just like a horror movie monster.

  7. Glad to see democrats are still wanting segregation, guess the parties didn’t switch afterall

  8. Since the segregated housing apparently exists to protect from “microaggressions” and “racially insensitive remarks”, I assume both of those are now a-ok to use in normal housing. Y’know, cuz they can’t hear it anymore, right??

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