Again with this BS

The Bloomberg anti-gun hydra has sprouted another head, with the intention of affecting another state election.  This time it is up in the Great Northeast as Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership.  If their founding by Bloomberg were not confirmed by the Washington Times, it would be self evident by their Facebook title picture in which they are all wearing orange for gun violence.  


They are trying to raise funds using Grandpa and Grandson Fudd, pulling the “I’m not a racist, I have a black friend” argument for gun control.

What they are asking for is universal background checks.  Why?  Because loophole, that’s why.  The “40% of guns criminals use they get through sales with no background checks” claim has been stated and debunked so many times it holds no meaning any more.  Either you believe it because politics is your religion and you take crap this this as an article of faith, or you don’t.

What I know is that universal background checks, the way the anti-gunners and Left want them, won’t reduce crime and will be a massive inconvenience to gun owners.

I have a buddy who is the 1911 whisperer.  He has tuned and dressed 1911’s for world champion shooters, Hollywood movies, and celebrities alike.  For him, there is no such thing as 1911 vs Glock.  For him, the debate begins and ends with Series 70 vs Seires 80.  Come to think of it, I don’t think he can say “Glock.”  This is a man that leaves no sear un-stoned.  His “beater” 1911 would make Bill Wilson green with envy.  I’m pretty sure his prophylactics have a Novak cut.  He bleeds cold blue and if he cried, it would be 230 grain hard ball.

This man will tune 1911’s for me for a handshake and a six-pack.  Who needs Cylinder and Slide when you have friends like this?  The think is, he’s not a gunsmith.  He’s just a gun nut and has been around them forever.  So ever time I need a tweeking for a carry gun or something, I’d have to 4473 this man, who goes to work and plays with guns every day for a living.  Because… loophole.

How about not.

This is not about public safety.  Remember, Adam Lanza – which is where this whole 91% support universal background checks bullshit started – stole his gun from his mother after he killed her.  This is just another level of control.  Another way for anti-gunners to criminalize normal gun culture behavior and punish us.  Illinois’ universal background checks don’t stop the killings in Chicago.  What makes any reasonable person think that it will make a difference in any of the other 49 states?

Mainers, vote no.  And if this Fudd is really a Maine hunter.  If you see him at the hunting lodge, give him a one-finger salute for me.

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  1. It’s incrementalism at it’s finest.

    UBCs won’t work without a national registration system. Think about it. Say there’s a UBC statute. And the cut-off date is May 19th 2022. Before that date, private transfers without a BC are generally OK. After, no go. How do you prove when I gave a gun to you? Unless the gun was made after the magic cut off date, there’s no real way of showing when the transfer really happened. You could transfer after the magic date, and just tell anyone who asks that you did it before.

    So after UBCs, they’ll ask for a national registry.


  2. The Big Lie of 40%. How often do we have to debunk this? Every time we discuss Universal Background Checks (UBC) with our uninitiated friends. At every opportunity to discuss firearm laws, bring up the Big Lie of UBC.
    Repeat that criminals don’t get affected. Repeat that 98% of sales, including gun shows, are already subject to NICS checks. Repeat that it’s not “easy” to buy a firearm legally. Repeat that the only way to enforce UBC would require universal registration, which is currently illegal.
    And then, repeat again, that gangs and armed robbers NEVER buy guns at gun shows or gun stores. And remind them that straw purchases are also illegal.
    You have to stress all of these points, and then point out that the anti-gun crowd already know this, and STILL use the bogus 40% number.
    As Miguel so wisely says, if their cause is just, why do they lie?


    1. I found a good way to stop the UBC fans in their tracks.

      “So you are in favor of UBC, right?”
      “How about not only we do a background check, but we demand a photo, proof of safety training, and fingerprints?”
      “That would be awesome!”
      “What a coincidence! I have a license to carry a concealed weapon which includes all that. Does that mean you support me going in a gunshop, buy a gun and leave without any paperwork of BG check since I already done all that?.”

      See their heads explode as they try to explain why is that not what they meant.


  3. I haven’t looked at the text of the Maine bill, but I assume it’s mostly the same as the Washington and Oregon ones.

    Here’s a story of something that’s happening as a result, now don’t get me wrong, he’s going to get the David Gregory exception due to his political leaning, but the intent is plainly there to nail anyone like us to the wall over such an innocent act.


  4. Always with the Orwellian names.

    “Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership”, as in, “responsibility means not owning dangerous items like guns”. It’s an oxymoron (emphasis on “moron”).

    Just like all the others. (Except for “Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership”, which really is an excellent solidly-pro-gun group. 🙂 )


  5. This proposed law makes it a crime to teach someone to shoot a gun except in very limited circumstances. And what does this ad show? A Fudd teaching someone how to shoot a gun. Un-frickin-believable. That grandson of his better be by blood and not a boy who is “like a grandson” to him otherwise he’s just another one of those criminals taking advantage of a “loophole”.



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