Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Response proven deadly useless. 

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA.com)  —  A new report from the Justice Department and the Police Foundation reveal many new, disturbing and dramatic details about the San Bernardino terror attack last December.
The report revealed that three mystery people tried to rush the two terrorists – but these heroes were gunned down.

Source: Disturbing, Dramatic New Details Emerge About San Bernardino Terror Attack « CBS Los Angeles

People trapped in the San Bernardino shooting followed the steps found in the Homeland Security’s Active Shooter Response guide, but apparently the magic did not work.

Until authorities, Federal and State figure out that tossing office supplies at people armed with rifles is demented and suicidal, we will not see a decrease in acts like this. The only thing you should throw at an active shooter is lead projectiles at speeds at least between 800 and 1,300 feet per second.



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  1. As an Army Reservist, I had the pleasure of having to sit through the run, hide, fight video with my fellow soldiers. And it brought on many smiles of dark humor in the audience since many carry routinely as I do, yet mandated to disarm while on military facilities.
    I’ve heard sounds of some services changing policy to allow select persons to carry. But haven’t heard anything formal as of yet. There was an earlier real world example of the effectiveness of these guidelines. In the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood there were several instances of soldiers attempting to charge the gunman and even throwing furniture at him to no avail.

    • In USMC reserves there are always multiple people with loaded M16s, Whether we’re in the field or just sitting around doing admin stuff at headquarters…there are always Marines with loaded rifles watching.

      • Sounds good to me. My unit doesn’t even have weapons assigned to it. Thinking its a good thing I’m getting kicked out soon for being too old

  2. “Throw items at the active shooter” unless that item is a bullet out of a gun barrel.

    Thanks DHS

  3. Yeah, we had the same bullshit training where I work. Of course, no firearms allowed on the property. Hiding and locking the office door, check! Wait until LEOs bring you out after all clear, check! Hiding behind door that can’t be locked, holding a big fire extinguisher, well, OK, if I got no other choice, that might work… Throwing office furniture at the advancing nutcase…..naahh!

  4. Do not be stupid. Use your own gun to destroy the threat as soon as the shooting starts. Identify and destroy the problem.
    Just saying do not be a liberal dim wit.

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