Pink Pistols: Gun-toting gay people

It was summer, about 3 in the morning. A couple of guys started following him, and Green realized they were carrying a couple of lengths of lead pipe.”One of them shouted ‘Hey faggot!‘ at me, which broke what little cool I had left,” says Green.”I ran around the other side of my car, and I drew on them over the top of my car. They were in motion toward me at this point,” he says, but they saw his stainless steel .38 Smith and Wesson revolver in the light of a street lamp.”One of them shouted, ‘Holy f-, he’s got a gun!’ and they both took off,”

Source: Pink Pistols: Gun-toting gay people

Pretty good article. No pearl clutching or SJW angst.

Pink Pistols is boring holes in the Media wall. The Mr. Sulu Alliance (I forgot the name of the new gay anti gun group) had some mentions, but they are so secretive and new hired leadership is not the best out there, so (barring a good monetary contribution from Bloomberg) they are slipping into irrelevance sooner than expected.

Well done guys, keep it up!

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