I am not a fan, nor care for most machine pistols: They are hard to shoot accurately and do not carry a lot of ammo. But I have this fondness for the Skorpion that really does not make sense other than the looks. It is a damned pretty firearm.

Another one for the list.


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  1. The Vz.61 is fun to shoot – nearly no recoil and a slow enough rate of fire to make it easy to keep the gun on target when firing fully automatic.

    Plus it’s raining brass when you’re done shooting ^^

    It’s one of those guns that only make sense as a machine pistol because it’s rather awkward to hold when using as a pistol.
    Oh and the stock ist just decoration.

    • That’s the big advantage of the CZ. Using the 32 ACP/7.65 Browning, the recoil is very controllable on full auto. Not a powerful cartridge, but at 1,000 RPM and with virtually no muzzle rise, there are a lot more where that first one came from.

      • More like 650 to 850 rpm. The Vz.61 has a spring operated fire rate reducer (time for some fun german words: Feuerratenreduktionsfedermechanismus) in the grip.

        • You are right. I overstated it a little. The vz 82/83 upgrade in 9×18 and 380 used the same bolt mass and had a rate of fire of 950 rpm. I knew it was fast. I think the one I shot then was a vz 83 because it just sprayed brass into your face (vertical ejection is fun). Like shooting a commie mini uzi

  2. You don’t use an MP for accuracy, just like you don’t go Woo-style for accuracy. You do it because sometimes it’s fun to send a lot of bullets downrange really fast.

  3. I only know it as the Klobb… sorry

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