Some stuff ain’t easy and then caca happens.

Doing my daily perusing over at Wirecutter’s, I found this picture:


I managed to track where the original photo came from and found that it was the result of an “encierro” that apparently got out of control in Spain.
You have probably seen the most famous encierro on TV: The running of the Bulls in Pamplona (although they are not quite the real fighting bulls).  What they don’t tell you is that it is only half of it.

You see, fighting bulls are raised Free Range unmolested (they were free range before it was cool) and eventually they need to be herded to a corral, where they get selected for fights across the country. The problem resides on the fact that these ain’t you passive cows that will go along while a cowboy sings some pretty C&W song. This suckers will charge and go for gore and they don’t care if they get the horses, the riders or the men with capes trying to distract them…in an open field. Or in like this case and with a bull that broke containment, some red European  hatchback.

The news article stated that the red car was one of several vehicles punctured by the rowdy bovine till he was brought back under control. No drivers or passengers were hurt and that was a small miracle.

In a way, I am sad to see the campaign against Bull Fighting in Spain, but a good share of the blame resides with the promoters selecting less-than hyper-aggressive bulls to safeguard the bull fighters and other stupid decisions. Bull Fighting is the original Extreme Sport.

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  1. The Spaniards just have to convince everyone that bullfighting is a muslim tradition that dates back to the islamic occupation of the peninsula.

    Then they may kill cute little calfs on an industrial scale without someone batting an eye.



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