Worth a shot?


In a Wal-Mart parking lot (what’s with all the attacks at Wal-Marts recently?) in Fairfield, California, a man attacked, dragged from his car, and beat up a 64-year-old-man after the old man yelled at the attacker’s girlfriend for parking in a handicapped zone without a permit.

A number of bystanders stood around and videoed the attack.  The attacker turned on at least one of the bystanders recording the scene.

One bystander, Susan Fowler had a pit bull in the back seat of her car, but nobody else was armed.

Yes, it was California so CCW permits are about as rare as truthful statements by Hillary Clinton.  But let’s say that this didn’t happen in CA.

What would you do?  Intervene in the beating of an old man?  How about if the attacker advanced on you after just beating an old man?



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  1. This has to be a very difficult situation. A lot of variables could very well exist. There would be very little time available to sort them out.
    I’m sure that there are more persons who would have an opportunity to witness such a situation than would have any significant training on how to react to it. Many would, as you have indicated, video it, but probably just so they could share it with someone later – without intending that to include law enforcement!
    At my age, I would not feel competent to attempt ANY physical encounter with someone who is actively beating or abusing someone. A verbal request to cease would be in order, but could very well have zero or negative results.
    If my presence were to generate an active threat of injury or loss of life to me or a member of my family, then I would have the capability of response with my self defense protection that I carry.
    Becoming a good Samaritan is a worthy action, but the specific situaton might suggest avoiding such action.

  2. What ever became of Laredo W.?

  3. What am I missing here?

  4. In Cali, there isn’t much you could do, legally, without getting in trouble. Texas on the other hand…

  5. I would leave unless directly attacked. I’m not risking ANYTHING for a stranger, particularly if they’re living somewhere where their right to protect themselves hasn’t been stolen away.

    I think it’s important to let nature do its thing.

  6. I would likely intervene. If that caused a serious attack on me, the attacker would likely lose – unless he was also armed and a better shot. But I’m in Florida, which allows such a justified response.

  7. Got to admit, being 70 and not in the best of health, if I encountered such an event, I’d have to intervene, even if it meant using CCW. And I’d hope someone would do the same for me should I need it. Of course, I don’t go to stupid places (WalMart) and do stupid things (worry about who uses what parking space) with stupid people (Commiefornians).

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