Is there no shame? No humanity left?

Some European heathen did this to a perfectly good SIG P 210.

I know in Tennessee and Texas, the author of this monstrosity would get at least 25 years in prison. I reckon this is what goes for as BBQ gun in the other side of the Atlantic.


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  1. “I reckon this is what goes for as BBQ gun in the other side of the Atlantic.”
    No. No it does not.
    That’s a international death sentence on any range.

  2. Bet it’s in .30 Luger and was seized by the Fedrales when raiding a Cartel Stronghold.

  3. That’s how you manage to make a SIG 210 worth less than a grand.

  4. Gotta go along with “Whatever floats your boat” theme. Though I’d never touch it (which may be why the owner did this), if it didn’t kill the perp with projectiles, he’d die laffing about what he was being shot with.

  5. Roger V. Tranfaglia : September 17, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    HOLY CRAP…………Oh wait,…I’m NOT color blind!
    What JSW said, If its your gun have at it. Could have been worse: completely: gold plated!

  6. IF it wasn’t “painted” and just simply engraved in the pattern, I don’t think everyone’s panties would be in a bunch???? NOT my style but WTF. What’s wrong with .30 Parabellum?????? lol

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