Peasant’s Revolt


Back in 2011, Obama blames America’s poor recovery on that fact that we have “gotten a little soft.”

Just recently in Laos, he said that Americans are “lazy.”

According to Obama, the reason that America is having a sluggish recovery and people are generally unhappy about the economy is not the fault of HIS policies, but because we just suck.  It’s not that Obama is letting down America, it’s that Americans are letting down Obama.

Hillary is tanking in the polls.  Nobody likes her.  So comes along a writer from BoingBoing to explain to us how it’s not that Hillary is just terrible at being likeable, it’s that we are just terrible at knowing how to like her.

Late night comedy is doing poorly, as comedians are taking sides in this election, and they are overwhelmingly taking Hillary’s side.  The comedy pitch is all the same, Hillary is awesome and those of us that don’t like her suck. The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah feels like he has to sacrifice himself to “save America” from Trump.  David Carr dismissed the population of about 37 states as “the dance of the low sloping foreheads.”

I know the Hollywood and Washington elite won’t listen to me.  According to them, I barely know how to read, can’t think, have no education, and spend my days drunk on Coors, shooting at gays because my preacher says to, taking the occasional break only to pork my sister in a double wide.

But occasionally one has to yell into the wind.

My patience has run out.  I am tired of wealthy and influential people in Hollywood and Washington thinking that they are better than me.  I am tired of them thinking that they are better than the majority of Americans who go to work every day and work to power the economy of this nation.  I am tired of being told that terrible politicians are wonderful, brilliant people, and that the problem is that We, the American People, are just to lousy to measure up to their expectations.

American was founded on the principle that all men are created equal.  But scratch a Hollywood or Washington liberal and you will find underneath someone that believes in a caste system to their very core.  We, everyday Americans, are the untouchables, and they resent that our political system means that we have a say.  They make it clear that they hate that they are shackled to us.  Only if we just learned to obey their vision, how great this national would be.  Except… not.


What they don’t get, and this will be their down fall, we don’t believe in a caste system.  We don’t accept that we are just peons who should obey our betters.  Right now, we’re just to busy maintaining our lives to really give a s#!t what putz on TV has to say.

But every people has a breaking point.

The French had enough when they were told by some out of touch queen to “let them eat cake.”

At some point, some late night comedian is going to do a bit about how Hillary Clinton’s economic plan was pure genius and we knuckle-dragging, cousin humpers just couldn’t make it work, and it will be one straw too many.




  1. Don’t know where you live, but sticking a Trump Pence 2016 bumper sticker on their car might be revenge enough?

  2. FYI the link on the sidebar to Larry Corriea goes to his old wordpress site and March 2015.

  3. “But scratch a Hollywood or Washington liberal and you will find underneath someone that believes in a caste system to their very core.”

    In the case of the former, it’s pretty obvious when one looks at the difference between their outward preaching to others and their long-running complaints about the industry’s elite being majority white male and the lack of roles (other than mother or old lady) for women over 40. Supposedly.

  4. Joe Miller (@joethefatman1) : September 16, 2016 at 7:30 am

    That’s why they’ve opened the borders, they need a new electorate. An electorate that understands their place in society. An electorate that has never had any rights that weren’t given to them BY the government with the understanding those rights could be taken away on a whim. The constitution is such a pain to those that think they’re entitled to rule us. Left or right.

  5. Living in Miami, I encounter it every day – people who don’t kowtow to HRC aren’t just misguided, they are “irredeemable” and somehow subhuman. Is it offensive to me? Not really. I’m actually glad I know where some people stand. For years, they would hide behind sanctimonious promises of “togetherness” and “unity”, but now, their true characters are revealed. If you see a “COEXIST” bumper sticker, chances are that any of us that post here are not part of that spectrum.

  6. I will admit I’m not very good at liking hateful, misandrist liars who steal money and claim it’s for the victim’s own good, sell out to America’s enemies, and want to vivisect the Bill of Rights, but somehow I have trouble seeing it as much of a failing on my part. After all, I’m also bad at lying, and while I don’t have any experience with them, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t make a very good rapist or murderer, either.

  7. Things will all be better after Hillary’s coronation in January. That is if she doesn’t stroke out before then.

  8. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal….

  9. The more the economy tanks, the more corruption we see, the closer to a retirement that will not be sustained, the less we have to lose. If I am close to a break point, who else might already be there? What will it take? Take our dreams at your peril.

  10. “Obama blames America’s poor recovery on that fact that we have “gotten a little soft.”” I think that’s called projection. Obama is soft.

    And, >>what<< recovery?

  11. Hitler expressed the same sentiment in his bunker…Germans had failed him and were not worthy of him.

    We likewise have a self-important, preening evil incompetent at the helm because enough truly stupid people voted for him without reading his book first.

    Mein Kampf and the POTUS ghost written books telegraphed their plans. Fundamental transformation and to align with the muslims.

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