That sweet, sweet Schadenfreude.

Protesters of the pipeline going through North Dakota:



Unicorn piss does not quite have the same effect on internal combustion engines as evil gasoline, does it? Why don’t you hoof it back home? It is better for the environment.



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  1. They succeeded. Warren Buffett’s BNSF RR will continue to ship oil in tens of thousands of oil tank cars across the midwest every day. And Buffett will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. That same pipeline is cutting across Iowa and the tree huggers are all up in arms. So much so that one of them burned over a million dollars worth of heavy equipment. Nothing like peaceful protest and a can of gas. They could have used that gas to save the couple in N.D.

    • And the toxins released into the air from burning that equipment is the pollution equivalent of driving over a million miles in a Hummer… but they “feelz” they saved the Earth or some shit.

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