Everytown demands the silencing of Trump.

And followers want him jailed like yesterday.

Apparently Bloomberg did not like Trump’s challenge to Hillary to disarm the Secret Service agents and act on what she preaches.


So they do not like either the First or Second Amendments…or actually reading the original transcript of Trump’s remarks. These people have to be the only reason MSNBC is still in the air and selling commercial time.

4 Replies to “Everytown demands the silencing of Trump.”

  1. It struck a nerve. Even out of context, Trump’s remarks lay waste to the “less guns=more safety” narrative that is part of the anti-gun advocate’s identity. When you force a person to think critically about an identifying core belief, there are two possible outcomes:

    1) A change in behavior brought about by an introspective analysis.

    2) Doubling down on a flawed belief system because some part of you recognizes the flaw, but still refuses to acknowledge a personal error.

    Most political organizations that refuse to debate in a factual, good faith manner are just echo chambers to keep the second group from thinking they are alone in their flawed beliefs. If they are not alone, they won’t reflect further on their core beliefs. This is why I believe the anti-gun left continues to try and push the “declining gun ownership” fallacy.


  2. Best comment I’ve seen on this kerfuffle so far (and I’m paraphrasing):

    If Trump calling for HIllary to disarm is promoting assassination, isn’t Hillary calling for the U.S. to disarm promoting genocide?

    It’s a valid question. 😉



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