Bloomberg Dollars Hard at Work (MN)

Found in Craiglist:


At least they are going with the $15 minimum wage. But Part-Time only, no health benefits and no compensation for your use of your POV.


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  1. Hmm, I wonder how many people are going to pass their qualification requirements. I know a few people who have a strong desire to work to end “gun violence,” but none of them have ever passed legislation.

    So, in order to work for Everytown Moms Demanding Some Action, you have to be a current or former member of the legislature? Or do you actually have to get elected to the legislature once you take the job? Seems a high bar to pass just for a part-time job only paying $15 an hour.

    Seems a shame. I could take their money to “talk about” the issue. Doesn’t mean that the “talk” ends up going where they want it to, and I’d get paid by them to torpedo them.

  2. “WE” 3%ers should “work” for them. LOL Just sorta ruin their plans for telling lies to the public !

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