In order to win, you need to be clear what is the goal.


Possibly the best outcome out there. You do not need to demonstrate how cool/tough/tactical/operator you are. Why go into an unknown situation willingly? And alone?

Possibly the best lesson we can get this year.




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  1. Well, jesus, even if you’re not thinking of the “right thing to do” aspect there’s simply the tactical aspect. Walking into a house full of criminals with nothing but a pistol (as opposed to a fireteam with rifles and body armor) is not wise.

  2. First rule: De-escalate if possible and safe to do so.

    OK, May not be the first rule, but if it is not in the top 10, i think it should be.

  3. Good for Rob. My money would have still been on him if he did get into the shit.

  4. Cops get paid for this stuff. You don’t. Let them do the job. If you want to be helpful, whip out the ol’ smartphone and get pics of the license plates of any cars parked outside, so if the folks inside leave before Officer Friendly shows you can point him in the right direction.

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