Gun Control Group admits Background Checks are a Failure.


OK so it is NGVAC and they are the Westboro Baptist Church of the Gun Control Movement. But I would not dismiss their strategy altogether since Gun Control fans fervor will blindly follow whatever new script is given without caring much for what passed for holy script before ( Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.)

If the less disturbed Gun Control organizations find value on approaching confiscation this way, you can be sure they will suddenly find that “Global Cooling” is the real threat to humanity and rewrite the manual.



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  1. I thought “global cooling” was the threat 30 years ago.

  2. So, if I read their gimmick correctly, they are going down the road of “this obviously doesn’t work, so we have to go full-on bans and confiscations instead.” So, they’re not really giving up on background checks, so much as going down another road full throttle with reckless abandon.

  3. Agree with Shrimp… sigh

  4. A felon who legally changed his name to help fix his life (give credit where credit is due) passed at least 2 in-depth state police led, multi-month background checks in Illinois and one (at least) probable federal one w/ a 3 day waiting period.

    Not a single one picked up on the court documents from the very same county he was living in that it took the SA minutes to find.

    To fix this, they want to make FFL’s get another, state-level, license and make them ‘liable’.

  5. You just don’t understand. The reason that temperatures around the globe are going down is because temperatures around the globe are going up.

    Global cooling is global warming.

    Jeez, do I have to explain everything to you?

  6. I like the notion that the “Gun Lobby” is unwilling to talk about this. I consider myself a part of the “Gun Lobby”, if only because I favor owning guns for self defense….and I’m more than willing to say “Yes, background checks don’t work. They can’t work, because those who know they can’t pass the check will go through back-door means, and it’s impossible to predict when people without criminal and mental records will go rogue and kill people (because we have no prior behavior to extrapolate from). Finally, law enforcement is unwilling to prosecute failed background checks, if only because they have so many resources. So why should we continue to pretend that they do any good? Why don’t we end them altogether? Let’s END this notion that government can magically fix everything, because THEY CAN’T!”

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