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  1. So exactly what kind of riots have we been having in major cities during this administration?

  2. Not riots. Outpouring of grief and protesting against the oppression of minority folks who just want to lead normal lives like the rest of us.

    Yea, I just ruined my own keyboard with my coffee with that one.

  3. See, this is why movie trailer surveys specify “And that’s a good/bad thing” when asking about opinionated questions like whether a trailer is violent, emotional, or scary.

    Who wants to make ISIS glow?

  4. We’re pretty much at bottom, no place to go but up! And yes, nukes DO work!!!

  5. I say we, “blast off and nuke the site from orbit…just to be sure. – Aliens

    Might I suggest Mecca? It would end the practice of islam because one of their Five Pillars of their Satanic faith would be destroyed and thus discredit their false religion.

  6. Three race riots and possibly four terrorist attacks THIS WEEK.

    But Donald Trump will ruin the country.

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