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I am getting a little tired of people saying how scared they are of a Trump presidency.  I find both candidates to be horrifying.  Holistically, a Hillary presidency scares me even more.

This is why.

Our Constitution prescribes a separation of powers.  Three branches, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, each checking the power of the other.  The Legislative branch is bicameral; the House of Representatives which is sized by population and represents the people, and the Senate which has equal representation for each state.

Our Founding Fathers did not want an efficient government.  Efficiency in government is a stepping stone to tyranny.  Our Founding Fathers wanted gridlock.  They wanted the branches to argue among themselves, holding up action, until only the best ideas managed to eek on through.

Trump is HATED by liberals.  Democrats in the House and Senate will not waste any time grid locking the system against Trump.  There are a few things the President can do on his own, but with a Congress gumming up the works, his power is limited.

Clinton on the other hand, I don’t see that happening.  Clinton has two weapons at her disposal, the Clinton reputation for playing dirty, and being a woman.  Republicans who gum up the works on her will first find themselves attacked for sexism.  If that fails to break them, Clinton’s mobster antics will.

There will be little effective resistance to the Clinton machine.

That terrifies me.


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  1. I am not normally a Grammar Nazi, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. “Prescribe” is to require, while “Proscribe” is to outlaw or deny. They have just about exactly opposite meanings, and that makes a difference in your argument. Other than that one quibble, I totally agree with what you said. Again, sorry for the GN stuff.


    1. Fixed. My flaw is I over rely on auto correct. I type fast and let auto correct fix my typos. That leaves me with wrong word choices.

      Eye rally kneed too fix that if ewe now watt eye mean.



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