And Moms Demand ain’t having a stellar Monday either.

The BLM/All Cops Sucks chapter keeps growing everyday. And they are accepting them because posts that are not up to their code of conduct (no pro-2A comments) get deleted faster than Hillary’s Emails.


Dear Elisabeth: We are not going to hell. The Devil is afraid we’ll take over.
And he is right.

2 Replies to “And Moms Demand ain’t having a stellar Monday either.”

  1. They never seem to realize that their anger, nay venom, directed at legal gun owners is all the evidence we will ever need for the absolute necessity in being armed. They are the ones calling for things like legal harassment, SWATting, internment, execution and so on.

    We want to be left alone. We do not cause any trouble. We want to be armed to protect ourselves. They have no right to dictate to us to be equally defenseless.



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