Accessory after the fact

I spotted this comment over at the Everytown’s Facebook page regarding the Missoula, MT ordinance for background checks on all gun sales.


Seems that Ms. Blood knows that of a felon in possession and has not called 911 or told law enforcement about it.  She seems to know that what her daughter’s boyfriend’s father s doing is illegal, but has chosen not to inform the authorities.  She is happy to belong to a group that calls for more gun restrictions on people but she can’t be bothered to prevent a crime in her own backyard.


One Reply to “Accessory after the fact”

  1. Sounds about right. They’re not about “gun safety” or “keeping guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill”. If they were, she’d be on with 9-1-1 and that guy would be in prison.

    Instead, she’s on Facebook ranting about otherwise-legal gun transfers and whining about needing more restrictions on you and me.

    Once again, their own actions show where their real priorities lie.



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