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Despite Alabama’s usual gun friendly nature, Alabama college campuses are gun free zones.

In the last two weeks there have been several sexual assaults on the campus of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU), joust outside of Huntsville.

The first assault involved three men in masks attacking a female victim.

The most recent assault involved two men in ski masks kidnapping a female student at gunpoint, forcing her into a car, and then assaulting her off campus.

Being a gun free zone, the two men in masks shouldn’t have been able to kidnap a young woman at gunpoint.  Guns on campus are banned so they shouldn’t have had them.  They really shouldn’t have.  Why didn’t these men obey the gun free campus signs?

Of course the students of AAMU can’t legally carry guns on campus if they have an AL CCW permit.  Why?  Because law abiding student follow the ruled.

Funny how that works, the criminals ignore the gun ban leaving law abiding students at a disadvantage.

The ban on gun on campus is about effective as you might believe in keeping students safe.

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