Terrible idea


Based on Clockworkgremlin’s comment on Miguel’s most recent post I have decided some trolling is in order.

Next time some white guy goes on a mass shooting, I want to arrange an online protest condemning the shooter’s appropriation of Islamic culture.

See if I can make SJW heads explode.


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  1. I look forward to that. But I can wait, no need for another shooting anytime soon.

  2. I think I may open up a second trolling front for you.

  3. Count me in.

  4. “Based on Clockworkgremlin’s comment on Miguel’s most recent post”
    me: “Wait, what did I just do?”

    I’m the Clockwork Gremlin, and I approve this idea.
    [edit]Though I do have to agree with Alpha Dog, I don’t mind if the next mass shooting decides to take its time. Or gets entirely sidetracked and never arrives.

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