Bardstown man cited after firing AR-15 to scare off woman mistaken for clown.

According to the citation, a woman was walking her dog down Burlington Court wearing a white afghan when a man yelled at her and then fired an AR-15.The man, Adam Tingle, said his wife was outside when she thought she saw a clown, so Tingle came out and yelled at the individual, according to the citation. The woman did not move after being yelled at, so Tingle fired one shot from his AR-15 rifle in an attempt to scare her. Tingle’s wife then called 911 to report the incident.

Source: Bardstown man cited after firing AR-15 to scare off woman mistaken for clown | Lexington Herald-Leader

Well, I have seen some women wearing so much and so ugly make up, one could honestly make a mistake.

But to avoid issues like this, always make sure you aim at the big red nose and follow with a controlled pair to the big floppy shoes.




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  1. Maybe we should require eye tests for firearm ownership?
    BTW, following Joltin Joe’s advice about warning shots is downright stupid, just like most the poop that drips out of his mouth.

  2. He could always cite the “Biden Defense”… sigh

    • Not with a scary “assault weapon”, he couldn’t. Crazy Uncle Joe specifically said a double-barreled shotgun, and to fire both rounds into the air.

      Any more or less than that doesn’t fall under the “Joe Biden” defense.

  3. So tired of 2016. When is it over?

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