A bit of music

Lots of good-hearted jokers in Facebook have been sending me videos of hurricane/weather related music. I do appreciate the sentiment, but I will stick with this classic:

Matthew is currently 210 miles from my location and about to pass Latitude N26 which means I am no longer in his direct path. Of course, all the associated crap of winds and bands of rain are starting to be felt around here. I am just happy not to see another eye of a hurricane, Wilma’s was enough.

2 Replies to “A bit of music”

  1. Looks like it has the Cape bore-sighted. Strongest storm to hit here since records began in 1851, previous record was only a Cat 2.
    All the hatches that can be have been battened down. Preps pretty much complete, but still have to drop a tree that is within striking distance of the house.
    Will report back on the far side when power returns.


  2. I recently read that most of the Kennedy Space Center buildings, including the iconic 52 story tall Vehicle Assembly Building, are rated to 125mph winds. In 2004, Hurricane Frances blew off 850 14 × 6 foot aluminum panels from the building, and Charley and Jeanne did additional damage that year.

    In 12 hours, around daybreak tomorrow, the National Weather Service expects 114 mph, gusting to 140 on the Cape. This should be interesting. And sad.



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