The longest case of Stockholm Syndrome in history.

Goes to George Takei:


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  1. Perhaps if his family and others had been armed and ready to defend themselves the government would have lost its nerve.

    Imagine if the Japanese had done more to inflame American paranoia and hatred. Those camps could have easily become more like those of the Nazis.

    I know it was ruled Constitutional, but it is affront to logic and reason that such a political decision was made by the SCOTUS.

    Our Second Amendment rights are crucial to prevent a recurrence of this situation where the Constitution and habeas corpus is discarded.

    Yet, George Takei cannot recognize this and attacks our RKBA. He is a fool and not much of an American.

  2. I fail to see how putting american citizens in an internment camp without due process is even remotely related to the simple concept of just not taking immigrants from nations where a non-nominal percentage of them are vowed enemies that want to kill our citizens.

    There is a pretty huge difference between denying a citizen their rights/imprisoning them and simply denying immigration to someone that isn’t even a citizen of this nation anyway.

    • Huge difference. Foreign nationals have zero American rights. Americans retain their rights during warir a crisis. Thus the post Katrina gun confiscation was bogus and the President is guilty of murder for a drone strike on an irritating US citizen abroad who was not an imminent threat.

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