Americans for Responsible Solutions Spends Most Money on Fundraising, Operating Costs

The gun control advocacy group founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords spends more of its money on fundraising and operating expenses than campaign activity, Federal Election Commission documents show.The Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC has raised just over $11 million in the 2016 campaign cycle, according to FEC filings. The group has spent just over $9 million of that money thus far. Fifty-three percent of that spending went towards things other than campaign activity.

Source: Gun Control PAC Spends Most Money on Fundraising, Operating Costs

I gave a cursory check at the expenditures and as an example, they spend a bunch of money on “direct mail” to a group called AB Data Inc (AB Direct) that touts itself as a progressive corporation:


Lots of expenses to “progressive” consultants like America Votes, Civis Analitics,  Anzalone Liszt Grove Research, Ryan Baukol and man y others with plenty of them tied to Chicago Elections machinery or the Obama campaign/White House. The non-political expenditures are also interesting: no Motel Six for Gabby and her gang but four star lodging and same for the food unless they are catering an event in Tucson and they get the meals from Safeway. And I almost forgot: they have to be Uber’s best client as there were twenty pages of reported expenses.

I think a lot of this advocacy groups are in on it to raise money for themselves and other like-minded. You have to admit it is a neat little business which has little overhead and you can rake the profits like crazy. I wish I could do something like that, but I suffer from a strange malady called honesty and I can’t simply sell political snake oil and live with myself.



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  1. Miguel,
    I’m right there with you! Worst part is, the details are right there for people to see, and they just shrug and say, “so what?”.
    Why is this not illegal?

  2. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    Fine with me if they’re squandering their donations on *not* executing their programs.

    • An interesting take. I like it.

      It’s true: every dollar wasted on this is a dollar that someone trying to take away our rights ISN’T spending on a program that might actually help their cause.

      Carry on…

  3. indeed, if they are too busy shuttling around and staying in nice hotels and going out for fine dining,they are not able to attack my civil rights. Idiots who contributed to them should demand a refund.

  4. The first-class recognition, travel, lodging and meals are the just rewards of first-class virtue signaling.

  5. Slightly OT, Giffords and her entourage were here in Des Moines last week speaking at the capital. We have a columnist in the paper that is rabidly anti-gun. Her Name is Rekha Basu, nationally syndicated wind bag.

    The day after Giffords and company were here, a column hit the paper and you would have thought the Queen here\self had been here. Of course mixed in with all of the praise was the anti gun message and how we would all be better off if we didn’t have those evil guns.

    I like how gun grabbers are now “reformers”.

    • Interesting how they may view themselves like the prohibitionists of old and their campaign against the “demon rum”.

      That was against a food item that was not expressly protected in the Constitution. We know how that worked out.

      In this case though, we have a civil right that is crucial to the checks and balances against tyranny. So, if they have their way, they cannot see that it will ignite the Second American Civil War. Real Americans will not put up with such unicorn droppings and will go to war. They are insane!

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