No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: “Donald Trump Is An Asshole”

There are plenty of assholes in the world. I’m one of them, I should know. You might be one also. I’m not going to have a beer with Trump. He’s not coming over for Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t care. People have written literally dozens of books on the Clintons. Guess what? They’re assholes too.Donald Trump is an asshole. He has hurt some people’s feelings. In contrast, the Clintons have blood on their hands and have left a trail of dead bodies in their wake a mile long. And look what happens when you choose a president that is hip and cool. You get 8 years of Barack Obama hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Source: No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money: “Donald Trump Is An Asshole”

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  1. He might be an asshole, but right now he’s my kind of asshole.

  2. All of the right people think he’s an asshole, so therefore he’s getting my vote.

  3. Requisite:

  4. There’s very few effective leaders in this world that aren’t capable of being assholes from time to time.

    Corruption is a whole different story. Clinton’s got to go.

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