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The story of lumpia in pictures.

Source: Lumpia! In pictures – In Jennifer’s Head

For those who do not know, lumpias are the Filipino version of egg rolls. If you are from Venezuela, these lumpias are the Filipino version of what we know as lumpias (Chinese egg rolls.) Jennifer makes it look easy, but probably ain’t. Anyway, Gun Bloggers must one day come together and threaten her with ammo shortage unless she sponsors a blog meet where the lumpias are available for massive consumption.



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  1. We consumed everyone she made, and in short order too! And they were delicious! 🙂

  2. WE used to run a Mobil Station and we had a lady that would bring warm ones. They were wonderful.

  3. I’m going home on Halloween. I’ll be sure to take pictures of food.

    And like I said on the YouBook site, for someone who don’t cook them as much, like me, they’re kinda easy to fuck up.

  4. Yum!!! Send me some. Ill trade ya some lobster!

  5. I have a wonderful Filipino sister in law who makes sure I get a regular lumpia fix. Her pancit is out of this world too.

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