The Forest Whittaker Files: CSGV knows roofing business.

A Castle Rock roofing company is offering ARs as signing bonus for those who get hired to fill four sales positions. Our friends from the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence, lose their minds and go stupid:

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence sounded off about the controversial campaign on Tuesday.
“The only thing roofers should be armed with is a nail gun,” spokesman Andrew Patrick said. “The addition of guns to an already hazardous work environment only increases the likelihood of an accident or altercation. The gun lobby’s ‘guns everywhere’ mentality has reached a new low when employers feel the need to offer firearms as part of their benefits package.”

Source: Castle Rock roofing company offers gun to attract employees | FOX31 Denver

The roof of our house was damaged during Hurricane Wilma, so I got to meet several sales people from different roof companies and amazingly, the only thing they did was to try to sell me their services, I never saw them working on a roof anywhere in the county. I don’t know, maybe that is what they do in D.C. or maybe Andrew Patrick does not know how a business is run, specially one that uses nail guns. Maybe he thinks roofing nails are made out of foam? or that nail guns do not have the capability to inflict serious injury or death?  

I see Ladd left the group in very capable hands.


4 Replies to “The Forest Whittaker Files: CSGV knows roofing business.”

  1. I like how the CSGV seems to think the roofers are going to be slinging the rifles over their shoulders and bringing them up on the roof with them.


  2. Miguel, I think you left a few words out of this statement in the article:
    “…the only thing they did was to try to sell me their services, I never saw them working on a roof [with ARs] anywhere in the county. “



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