When a prestigious school whores for money.

For more than 20 years, the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health has been dedicated to reducing gun-related injuries and deaths through the application of research methods and public health principles. Daniel Webster, who directs the center, says the gun issue is neither straightforward nor easily approached.

Source: Guns in America: Facts, figures, and an up-close look at the gun reform debate | Hub

I am just going to give you two examples. First and not unusual, manipulated numbers:


It is obvious that the author of the “article”, Greg Rienzi, figured nobody would dare to fact check against established sources like the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.




And next is this beautiful paragraph that sent me laughing for a couple of minutes:


He adds that the National Rifle Association of America is incredibly effective, with a lot of help from media. When the Hopkins center conducts surveys on specific gun policies, such as expanded background checks and restrictions on individuals with a restraining order or multiple drunk driving offenses, 70 percent or more of gun owners and a similar percent of Republicans support changes.

That is right folks! We own the media even though 90% of the top newspapers in the country and staunchly pro-gun control and anti NRA. I knew we were powerful and had lots of cash to pay reporters, editors, bloggers and Twitter drones (cash which I have not seen to this day after 8 years gun-blogging) but I had no idea we exercised such a commanding control over the News Corporations of the country.

This is what happens when monies for a University is directly tied to a politically influential individual with zero honor. To paraphrase W.E.B. Griffin: If Bloomberg signs your checks, when he says “poop” you immediately squat and make grunting noises.  Maybe I should change the title of the post to “When a formerly prestigious school whores for money.”

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  1. Crap… Hit enter too early… Reason for spinoff is that the new President of JHU is NOT an American citizen, so cannot have access to ‘things’ JHU APL was working on.



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