Clint Smith “Shoot them in the crotch.”

He is one of the reasons I need to buy a lotto ticket. I have to go meet this guy and, if lucky, get trained by him.


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  1. I’ve liked Clint since the first videos I saw of him years ago. I’d love to be trained by him. Or anyone in his school that adopts his philosophy and style.

  2. The very concept at the end that the first thing you open the fight with may not be the thing you end the fight with is a fantastic and often overlooked concept just in itself.

    You don’t have to win the fight instantly…if you can just give yourself a major advantage to bring about the fight ender that’s still a damned good introduction.

    This is a concept we even see at more professional levels. In Marine Corps infantry I was taught that when taking someone out with a knife (like they walk into your position and you surprise them) going for the groin first is a great way to start. Not only does it cause grievous wounding and seriously delay any offensive reaction by the party with a ka-bar through his junk, but the automatic reaction pose (think about it for two seconds…the nutshot reaction pose is one of the few things hollywood gets right) tends to drop their weight and open up the throat/under-chin soft areas enormously and keep their hands/arms out of your way, and you can just go straight up from there. I believe the refrain we were taught was “stab ’em in the taint, that’ll drop the weight”. Arms are out of the way, they’re off balance, they’re thinking about other things than trying to harm you for a few seconds…it’s the perfect state to put your enemy in in a fight.

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