Gun Shop has a Pre-Hillary sale. CSGV elitists go full prejudice.

These are the people who are better than us because they care and would never utter a word of hate or disdain against their fellow human beings. They care so much that the Care Bear are vikings on a rampage compared to them. Here is the usual collage with the best comments:


Is still any doubt out there that surrendering the country to these “enlightened” assholes will be an unrecoverable mistake? Elections have consequences.



Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. I love it! These types of people and their monumental ignorance serve as validation, and they make me incredibly proud to be a gun owner and NRA member. I revel in their disgust.

  2. I have no doubts that any mistake is correctable. The actions that will need taking and the costs in lives to correct such mistakes though will be quite costly. Still, if it must come about…

  3. Love the graphic. It sums up what is at stake. Good versus Evil. Right versus Wrong. Freedom versus Oppression.

    Anyone that votes for the Hildabeast either has no discernment or they are a nasty Progressive who hates America.

    There is no middle ground now so the NeverTrumpers and abstainers are useless fools.

    • He’s right! There is No middle ground! If you are afraid to vote for Trump for fear that he may have a colossal fail, and you would be embarrassed to have voted for him: stop. 1: You don’t have to tell anyone that you voted for Trump. 2: no matter what failure Trump might possibly achieve, it will NOT be anti-gun legislation.
      Contrariwise, Hilary has promised confiscation, and we are at the top of her enemies list.
      Moreover, a third party vote is a vote for Hilary.
      The choice is obvious for Second Amendment supporters:
      It has to be Trump.

  4. The problem is, if Hillary gets in, THEY will have her ear… THAT is truly scary!

  5. As someone who lives in WA and travels occasionally to Marysville, it is fascinating to see just how ignorant these fools are. And one of them seems to even think there will be a Presidential debate there…?

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