This is gonna be a tough head shot.


MIAMI – A Miami man with a deformed skull, who became known as the “half-headed man,” was arrested Monday on arson and first-degree attempted murder charges.Miami police said Carlos Rodriguez, 31, set his mattress on fire at a duplex on Northwest 61st Avenue.Police said an officer found the man sitting in the backyard. His statement to police was redacted.

Source: ‘Half-headed’ Florida man arrested on arson, attempted murder…

OK, so Clint Smith was right when he said to shoot them in the crotch.

Hat tip Joseph B.


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  1. “His statement to police was redacted.”

    Damn, police blotters are some of the wackiest things you can come across. Too bad we won’t know what ranting gibberish came out of this guy’s mouth.

  2. Still got my aim point between the eyes….

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