Social Justice Warriors: The documentary

Somebody (probably from my generation) found an old high school documentary and used the soundtrack to add video of SJWs in action. It is uncannily accurate….


…And scary


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  1. Barry Friendly : November 7, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Not sure, but I’m not seeing a video.

  2. Video works fine for me in Firefox.

    “…and most of them will be sent to adult institutions.”

    Hehe. False hope there. Dream on.

  3. A few takeaways. 1. Watching these kids in action has sort of eased my fears over the result of tomorrow’s election, because this country is completely screwed no matter what, and 2. If we go to war with Russia, it’s going to be entertaining when the draft is re-instituted and these insane cream puffs hit the Eastern front. Just imagine how it all starts.
    Idiot: “But I’m a social justice warrior!” Military: “Front line, infantry.”

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