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On that note, if any of you hysterical melting down types actually believe Trump is Literally Hitler who is going to gas all the Gay Mexican Muslims in concentration camps, your local gun store is thataway. The nice men behind the counter will be happy to teach you about basic gun safety, how self-defense laws work, and then sell you one of those evil black rifles you’re so scared of. And then in the unlikely but catastrophic event the government did ever turn tyrannical and genocidal, you’d be in a position to do something other than cry about it on Facebook… But  I see a mass liberal run on guns to be about as likely as Trump turning out to be Reagan II, but hell, I’ve been wrong a lot this year!

Source: I’m Glad That’s Over With! – Monster Hunter Nation

Just go read the whole thing….

But unlike Larry, I do feel for the deep pain of the Liberals and Social Justice Warriors that probably are still hidden in their darkened college bedrooms, wrapped in a woobie and tweeting their despair. They will need help and I plan to volunteer for Suicide Watch and so should you.



Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.


  1. That picture is in doupleplusungood taste. But hilarious.

    (Or should I induce more fainting and clutching of pearls by writing, “Hillaryous”?)

  2. Oh my god. That picture. Best thing I’ve seen all day. I’m stealing it.

  3. Both of my brothers voted for Johnson. One’s being an adult about it, but the other’s acting like he’s #stillwithher.

    • Curious how that turned out for the Johnson voters.

      Oh wait, ZERO electoral college votes. Useless for opposing the Hildabeast, the grabber of all guns.

      Clearly, firearms rights and the Second Amendment did not rank highly in the evaluation or decision.

      • Funny because I’m being accused of exactly the opposite by Hillary supoorters, losing the election for her because I voted for Johnson. Which fyi in CT, if you took all the 3rd party votes and added them to trump, Hillary still would have won by a very wide margin.

  4. SCOTUS (and 2A), the economy and terrorism… That was the triumvirate…

    • Don’t undervalue immigration. If I had to bet on which subject convinced the bulk of black and Hispanic Trump voters to come over, it would be illegal immigration. MS13 gangs are already preying on legal immigrant families (just like more recent Sicilian and Jewish immigrant gangs preyed on the solid citizen immigrants who had come here earlier) and illegals are actually forcing black out of neighborhoods in Los Angeles and other ‘sanctuary cities’.
      Immigration has been the sword in the stone for Republican victory since 2006; it tells you a lot about how beholden to donors the GOPe is that they would rather lose election after election than draw it.

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