New American Revolution

With the election of Trump as President, here is my hope for an American Revolution.  That the good agents of the FBI ignore a lame duck Obama and his DOJ appointees and go flat out in the investigation of the Clinton Foundation, and present Trump’s DOJ with a welcome present of everything needed for across the board indictments and prosecutions.

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  1. One of two things is going to happen. A: Obama pardons the Clintons (and maybe all of her aides). B: The Clintons flee the country.

    1. A: I don’t believe one can be pardoned until convicted. IANAL
      B: HRC is too arrogant to leave the country which would be tantamount to admitting guilt. As far as she is concerned, in her warped, twisted, and demented mind, she did nothing wrong. She feels as though she is above such petty concerns.

      1. IIRC, Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon right after he (Ford) took office. Nixon was never convicted of anything, although he probably would have been, had he stayed in office for an impeachment.

  2. New American Revolution – Averted

    Personally I know she belongs in jail. Everyone who sent her classified data belongs in jail, and apparently that includes BO.
    But, at this point, what difference does it make? (Sorry, I just couldn’t let that one go…)

    From our liberty standpoint she is no longer a blip on the radar. I hope and pray that our new President actually can drain the swamp, get better trade deals, fix the economy and deficit, and pass national reciprocity. Unlike many of the abysmal redefinitions of the interstate commerce clause which have bloated our federal bureaucracy and repressed liberty, national reciprocity is a classic example of why we have a federal government. Those states which unconstitutionally infringe upon the free exercise of keeping and bearing of arms need to be put in their place. National reciprocity will gut their repressive regulations to the core and expose them for the fraud they are. Citizens of those states will rise up in rebellion when they are prevented from carrying and yet citizens of the other 49 states can while in their repressive state. No other issue is equally paramount to restoration of the true 2nd Amendment rights of the People. No other issue will tear open the liberal wound which festers in this country and allow us to excise the necrosis.

  3. I want to see election fraud suits. Evidence was flying all over the place last night. If Trump follows through with the suits, it (should) send a message that he still cares about a rigged system even if the system still elected him.

    1. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      And wisdom to know the difference.

      Not all good fights are worth the effort.

  4. Remember, the left lost their everloving minds when GWB fired some DOJ officials because they refused to investigate Democrat abuses.

    Expect the same thing to happen with any personnel changes under President Trump (<—first time typing that. w00t)

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