12 Replies to “Friday Post Electoral Pics.”

  1. I may send the Gary Johnson one to a friend of mine who I know voted for Hillary.

    As far as I know, she is at least willing to accept the results. She had less enthusiasm for Hillary than most of the Johnson supporters had for Trump.

  2. I agree with the last idiot holding his “fashisom” poster. I take it he meant “fashionism” since “he no spell good”.

    So, people with bad fashion like having your pants hanging below your waistline and wearing hoodies in summer should be deported. Fixed it for him.

  3. I reposted the “Deport fashisom” pic on Facebook. (I credited Miguel and his website.) My son-in-law apparently misinterpreted it. This is a partial transcript of our comments;
    son-in-law : Fascism isn’t something to defend.
    me: Let me explain. The only people using the words “fascism” or “fascist” lately are the anti-Trump people. One of the major concerns of the anti-Trumpers is that he will deport a lot of people. When this guy thought up the slogan “Deport Fascism,” he was, in my opinion, actually being extremely clever, and I genuinely mean that as a complement. “Deport Fascism” would be and excellent anti-Trump bumper sticker. It’s certainly more intelligent and original than simply “F*** Trump.”
    However, he then screwed up his message royally with that comic misspelling. That isn’t a simple typo, like “facism,” It’s such a departure from the word that it’s unlikely that he’s ever seen “fascism” in print. I have no doubt that you could give a definition of fascism which a poli-sci professor would grade as A or A+. The guy in the picture probably thinks that fascism means eliminating the death tax, or permitting charter schools. He is doing what I call “flaunting his ignorance,” and that is what makes this picture post-worthy.

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