November 9, 2016. Black Tuesday: The day the Liberal Political Market Crashed.



This screen capture hit Social Media Friday night and as usual, the culprit deleted it as soon as he started to get some serious heat back. And I am sure you have seen similar hate-filled posts but perhaps not as detailed in its content. Also I believe by now you have been amazed at the amount of both posts like this in social media and the Anti-Trump marches rejecting the electoral process just because they did not like the results. Mind you, do notice that they are not saying the elections were rigged: Nobody from the Democrats has come out saying they lost the vote because the Undead came out to vote in Chicago and New York and voted Trump or that Electoral Machines were hacked from an Ecuadorian Embassy by Russian hackers; no, they are just pissed about the results.

And it is not that all Hillary supporters are not accepting that Trump won but a small and very vocal minority of  18% refuse to accept reality and that is where all the vitriol and unchecked hate is coming from. There is a much smaller group that agrees with these idiots but they are not about to stop them as they serve their purpose: The DNC. If you thought they would be good competitors and respect the elections, why has not Hillary herself come out and ask people to do so? Because they are petty, vengeful and rather see the country torn apart than accept the loss in the off-chance they get to win again in four years.  But this is something to discuss some other time.

I want to touch again on the hate and sheer fanaticism we are witnessing. Why? As presidential Elections go, this one was peaceful and with few issues. There were no hordes of Klan members burning polls in black precincts or gays being dragged behind pick up trucks because they voted for Hillary. So why the hate? why the uproar? My humble opinion is that this was the first Truly Millennial election and they not only lost but they finally realized that Real Life does not give you trophies for participation. They were raised under the false premise that they would always win because they invest so much emotionally that the gods would shine on their favor no matter what.

And invest they did. We saw it in the Primaries with the Bernie Bots who sent money they could not spare for their regular expenses to Sanders’ campaign, responsibilities to family and debtors be damned. That Bernie turned around after his loss and bought a Lake house with a price tag of $600,000 was a Real Politiks warning  that went unheeded by the patchouli masses or probably just accepted because he was their better and he deserves luxuries. But the real emotional investment was done by that minority of Hillary supporters who were constantly bombarded by the Media about the inevitable Hillary Presidency. It was a done deal! Student Debts would disappear, Conservatives would be muzzled, Health Care would be 100% free and housing too, Gun Owners would finally be sent to prison camps, Borders would be fully open European Style and the US would become the Socialist Paradise they were taught about in College. Every single neuron in their brain was programmed to celebrate the assured win. Bank accounts were raided again to buy the Tofu and cucumber party subs, organic chips and California bubbly to celebrate the moment CNN announced Hillary had reached the magical 270 electoral votes. It was as inexorable as the New Years Eve countdown: It will happen.

And then voters destroyed their Time-Space continuum. A supernova exploded and they were in its path. They never gave one second of thought that Trump may have come the winner. Their emotional stock crashed, burned and the ashes were blown away by the Fall winds. And apparently the emotional vacuum that stayed in place is so painful that they needed to lash out. That vacuum that did not need to exist if parents and teacher had taught them that life is not fair or egalitarian, that they not only would suffer losses but that nobody would come and tell them that they were winners just for showing up at the polls. That the adult way to behave is to accept what life gave you at the moment, regroup and start over. No, they were not taught that, instead they were taught and reinforced that if they throw themselves on the floor of life’s supermarket’s aisle and throw a tantrum, the unfulfilled wishes would be satisfied immediately. They were taught that life is only fair when it is them that wins and to screech like banshees if somebody says otherwise.

And that is what we are seeing in the streets and social media: A big tantrum starring Man-Children and Women-Children.  Again, not one of them is contesting the results because of shenanigans but simply because it was not the result they invested in. Some of the most bully among them have taken to destroy property, to threaten the opposition (like the idiot above) and even and attack the weak who did not share their political values while the rest of their fellow butt-hurts are condoning their actions. So far, authorities have treated these Children with baby gloves, but if the tantrum escalates, I am afraid that drastic Time-Outs will be given by people with less patience and more determination than the cops. And the Time-Outs will be, shall we say, radical?

Maybe then the Silly Millennials will learn about how to cope with frustration in an adult manner.

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  1. I have to say, as a supposed millennial myself (born after 1980), I think the issue is more the second decade of them. While we had the stupid participation ribbons and self-esteem crap, it seems like they kicked it up a notch or three in the mid to late 00’s.

    Then again, I’ve always considered myself Gen Y, since nobody started using millennial until I was already in high school



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