Brace for future mass casualties where people won’t give a damn for the “victims.”

If your political beliefs are such you feel with the right to stop an ambulance on an emergency, you need to be thinned from the human herd.
I was going to call on the Media to stop protecting these idiots… but then I came back to my senses.


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  1. Can anyone say “Brown Shirt”?

  2. Couldn’t such interference with medical services be considered a crime or at least open to lawsuit by the victim or family?

    • If the guy in the ambulance dies as a result of not getting to an ER, I’d call it 2nd-degree Manslaughter. The “depraved indifference” clause should apply and be pretty easy to prove.

      And yes, this should open up the “protesters” to a civil lawsuit from the victim and/or family. If the guy survives, the damages would only cover any additional harm or complications caused by the delay, but if he dies because they couldn’t get to the hospital then it’s a wrongful death suit.

      IANAL; just my thoughts.

  3. A better approach:

  4. Dildo-collectors pulled this in Jan 2015 over the cause of the week, BLM bullshit Ambulance involved with an old-timer with congestive heart failure. Mass-a-two-shits so they stated they were fine with it and got squat .

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