According to Shannon Watts, Trump is Muslim.

And while gun violence in America has made me a single-issue voter, women cannot lead single-issue lives. We will need to also fight against the misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and the anti-immigrant rhetoric that shaped the Trump campaign.

Source: As Women, We’ve Mourned — Now It’s Time To Take Action 

I know, the joke is old by now.  The article itself is just another version of the official Liberal war chant of “OMG! My Kids are Scared of the Bogey Man I created to scare people!”

But what I like about the part I quoted is Shannon’s promise/wish to engage now in multiple causes.  I even have the nagging suspicion that she may be looking into doing a run for an elected political post which will require her to have a wider “vision.” This can only benefit us because being single voters (Or Always Vote Guns as Michael Bane puts it) has worked beautifully for us and it is something the other side has never grappled: When you fight to destroy one of the Amendments of the Constitution, it is a pretty good bet that you don’t think much about the rest. Gun Advocacy is the original litmus test.

So yes, support Shannon Watt’s incursion in other advocacy fields. We want her juggling as many pins as possible.

PS: Dear Shannon, if you are rally worried about your daughter, you can always tell her to join the latest Liberal craze: Buying guns. Oh wait, she is in college in California, the state with more Hate Crimes in the nation and she can’t have a gun on campus.

Never mind.


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  1. Okay. I give up. What does the title mean?

    • Just hazarding a guess here, but since the “religion of peace” is intolerant of homosexuals, and women’s rights, Israel, alcohol, freedom, math, etc etc, I think he was making a point that there is only one place all of that is wrapped up in one person/group–Muslims. Hence, since Trump was/is accused of all that, he too must be a Muslim.

      I could be wrong

  2. Is it just me? Or does Shannon’s Daughter have the same off center eye?

  3. Dave’s Law of the Internets:
    “No matter how stupid or insane a thing you can think of- no matter if it’s so far beyond the event horizon of dumb that it actually sucks the oxygen out of the room- just remember; SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET BELEIVES IT.”

  4. The comments following the Watts’ article are rich – guess “Reasoned Discourse (TM)” hasn’t broken out there yet.

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