The White Question

Between 1933 and 1945, the Third Reich killed some six million European Jews and another five million Roma, handicapped, political dissidents and others, for a total estimated death toll of about eleven million people.  We have a tendency to focus on the holocaust when it comes to the extermination of the Jews, because of way the Nazis very specifically targeted the Jews as a ethnic group, for eradication.

In the wake of the holocaust, many of the world’s remaining Jews were galvanized by what they learned.  We Jews had to defend ourselves.  “Never again” became a rallying cry.  A militancy was awakened in us.  We fought and won several wars to gain and maintain our independence with the state of Israel.

I may have never fought with the IDF, but I am one of these militant Jews.  It manifests itself in me by making me a gun nut.  I may have never joined the IDF, America is my home, but I am prepared to defend myself and my family against the next assault against our right to life.

So I go online and what do I see.

An article in Salon explaining how white males are evil and killing America.

An article at AlterNet on how white men are responsible for all the problems in the world.

A staffer of the mayor of America’s largest city carrying a sign that says “Fuck Whiteness.”

A lecturer of Beyonce Studies threatened to go on a white male killing rampage.

A Hollywood star saying that the 60 million white males that voted for Trump need to die.

And Hillary Clinton’s top pop culture surrogate putting out a video extolling the virtues of the extinction of white men.

The way the Left is now talking about straight white men sounds very familiar, Replace “white men” with “Juden” and it’s a English translation of Der Strumer.

The Left has gone full genocide happy.

This makes every hair on the back of my neck stand up.  My disposable income goes to stocking up ammo.  I’m am bristling for war entirely on genetic memory.

What is ultimately driving me insane is that in doing this, the Left has me standing shoulder to shoulder with Stormfront.

Stop talking about, joking about, celebrating the idea of, or threatening a white genocide.  Your rhetoric actually has this militant Jew siding with neo-Nazis over the Left and “Jews*” like Lena Dunham and Noam Chomsky.   And I hate you so fucking much for that, that I can hardly breathe.

What I can promise you is this:

I don’t care who is trying to drag my white male child into a boxcar, or for what reason.  I will kill you all the same.  That is a promise.


*I call them “Jews” because once you go hard left, you stop worshiping god and start worshiping at the Church of State and everything actually Jewish about you ends.


5 Replies to “The White Question”

  1. It seems like the whole of the left has went nuts. Sometime I wish they would just get froggy and get this show on the road.

    I told a leftist loon one time that I’d much rather be shot in the middle of my street by a government thug than to be shot in the back of the head while kneeling next to a ditch. That is exactly what these loons are advocating. Just like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all those other dictators.

    If they purged all the white males, who would work and pay taxes so they don’t have too? Maybe Soros will support them for the rest of their lives.


  2. Something most people don’t remember is that the reason Hitler targeted Jews is because there was already a lot of hatred for Jewish people. Hitler didn’t hate Jews in particular. He just picked a demographic everyone already hated and gave them permission to act on their hatred.

    Same thing in the modern world. White men are the new Jews. We’re wealthy, successful, and hated by almost everybody else.

    The problem is that WW2 and the Holocaust only taught most people that hating Jews for their skin color was wrong. Most of them haven’t figured out that the lesson was supposed to be that hating any demographic is wrong. And paradoxically, Nazis are such a popular “bad guy” that there’s now a rash of bigotry against Nazis.


  3. Something else to think about
    According to John Mosier, one of the reasons that even German Jews in the military and government supported the NSDAP’s rise was they thought that when Adolf spoke about the hated juden, he was talking about ‘those Jews over there”: the influx of Jewish immigrants from the East who didn’t share a cultural tradition with the German Jews and who were viewed as uncultured and suspect. The Western Germanic Jews felt more “German” than “Jewish” and shared the opinion of their non-Jewish neighbors about the new immigrants, but believed that nobody could ever feel the same way about them; why, their families had been shopkeepers, doctors, professors and even military officers for generations…

    Remember, folks: When a Leftist talks about ‘mass’ anything he is also talking about YOU.


  4. It is what they do.

    They cannot assume power when the nation is united against them, so they divide the nation, and get them fighting against themselves.

    Occupy Wall Street was just one of many attempts to divide the national based on wealth. In 2008, Obama talked about how horrible it was that people had a lot of wealth when there were those in poverty. (Sounds noble, doesn’t it?) He doubled down in 2012 when running against a rather wealthy opponent.

    Identify a demographic, turn it onto a caricature, and demonize it. It is the normal MO for those on the left, and invariably, the goal is to take the reigns of power and rule over the huddled masses that put you there. (See Venezuela)



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