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New York Magazine is all concerned that Trump could pass federal law creating a system of full 50 state reciprocity concealed carry and do it quickly.  In typical Big Apple elitism, they fear Trump “could bring armed tourists to the streets of New York City.”

Ah yes, us cousin banging yahoos from south of the Mason Dixon line, might make the streets of New York run red with blood.  Of course this has never happened.  On the up side, if it did, maybe all the blood will wash the vagrant piss and shit out the streets in these liberal utopias.



  1. New York – unSAFE

  2. Maybe real Americans packing in the Big Apple will show those unConstitutional NYC rubes what it looks like to be able to read all 10 of the Bill of Rights. We don’t go blind and stupid on the Second Amendment.

    Hey NYC, shove the unSafe Act up your unConstitutional posterior!

  3. About the only way I’d go back and visit family is if I could carry. I’ve told this to some of my more self described “enlightened” family members. The ensuing pearl clutching was very gratifying.

  4. Please!

    But what happens if you carry standard self defense ammo into New Jersey, or an unapproved pistol into Massachusetts?

    • If it’s like a Driver’s License, as proposed, you would have to follow the laws of each particular state.

      When National Reciprocity passes, my Alabama Pistol Permit will allow me to CCW to some degree in places like New York. It makes me sad to think that most law abiding citizens from there won’t be able to carry in Alabama, even though Alabama recognizes *all* carry permits, because their repressive state will not issue *them* a carry permit.

      Although that unintended consequence may motivate some the elect politicians sympathetic to their plight.

      Have a nice day.

    • I suspect those laws would come down in a heartbeat.

      • I suspect they’ll be pulling over out-of-state plates with CCW flags at even higher rates, trying to catch someone with self-defense ammo so they can make it out to be some sort of major arms ring take-down.

  5. NYC doesn’t even recognize pistol permits from the rest of New York State. I would love to see this happen, especially because NYC would most definitely ignore the federal law and the NYPD would still be gleefully arresting people, which would bring on a host of lawsuits that would end poorly for “the city”. Gun laws in upstate are bad, but in NYC they are horrendous. It would be immensely gratifying to see bed wetting downstate urbanites freak out about this.

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