Stop me if you heard this before: Democrat actor ambushes Republican in theater. (Update)


Damn… I could swear I read somewhere about Democrats ambushing Republicans in theaters because of political stuff…


Update: I made this meme in case you need to bother Lefty/Democrat Friends on Social Media.




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  1. Weren’t these the same jackholes that performed on some award show without using their props?

    Had no intention of seeing Hamilton, but will definitely not give them my money now.

  2. Think it’s time for a boycott… Just sayin…

  3. Point of order. John Booth was a son of a famous stage family and a well known Shakespearean in his own right, and evidently a heartthrob on top of it. Comparing these privileged children to him is a serious insult. Not one of them would’ve survived a week on the road in the 1850’s.

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