Not to worry


Wife: “There was a rally of 200 people in Washing DC doing the NAZI salute, questioning is Jews were people.”

Me: “OK.”

Wife: “I don’t know if we should be worried.”

Me: “I’m not.  It’s only 200 people.  I have at least ten times that in 223 in the safe.”

Wife: *frowny face*



  1. America is a big country. You can find five times that many people who believe in the Secret Lizard Masters by putting an ad in the LA Craigslist.

  2. and the media/progressives are going absolutely batshit over this, directly attributing through several degrees of separation to Trump.

  3. What’s she frowning about? That’s the best response I’ve seen.

    • She has seen him shoot, figured they needed to double that, considered if there is room in the safe for another 20 mags, and then realized his ploy to get some more toys. Busted.

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