PSA: Please help, libertarian T.A.R.D victims need you.

By now you have heard of T.A.R.D. (Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder) and how is affecting thousand of liberal democrats, socialists and other Lefties across the country and the World. But what you probably have not heard is that there is a small minority of people affected with T.A.R.D. that are not getting any attention: Butt-Hurt Libertarians.

It is a sad story. While the majority of Libertarians that voted for Johnson and his pick for vice-president (and official cheerleader for Hillary) Weld have accepted the results of the election and moved on, a small minority appears to be stuck in the quagmire of denial. You can still see them moping around the neighborhood and going into obscure coffee shops wearing t-shirts with “I vote my conscience” across their chest and backs and dragging signs saying “You don’t need to vote for the lesser evil. Vote Johnson/Weld.”

Occasionally they will pop up in Social Media to repeat something T.A.R.D. only too be put down hard by their friends confusing them with Liberal democrats or Socialists. This is very hurtful and the T.A.R.D.-affected libertarian runs to a corner and hides under a blanket with selected quotes from The Road to Serfdom by Frederich Hayek, printed on it.

Please, be kind. Identify those libertarians affected with T.A.R.D. and offer them your help. Let them know they have another chance in another four years (Yes, lie to them. You are trying to save a life here.) and that Conservative Republicans will vote for their candidate. Do whatever is necessary to bring their morale up.

If you wish to make a donation via Pay Pal, send your contribution so I can keep raising awareness of this untreated malady.

Thank You.

3 Replies to “PSA: Please help, libertarian T.A.R.D victims need you.”

  1. Most libertarians I know accepted the results and moved on. I think I maybe know one or two who are raging about the election still.

    The practical ones admit that Trump is the lesser of two evils, and that he even has a smidge of libertarian in him.

    Think about it. Trump “came of age” in the New York of the 1970s and 80s. Casual drug use, LGBT people openly doing what they do, etc. He’s already on record saying that marriage equality is a “done deal” and he’s all for it. Even in his campaign he alluded to supporting gay rights, i.e. “Caitlin Jenner can use whatever bathroom she wants in my buildings…”

    And I’m sure Trump would sign off on any legislation decriminalizing marijuana.

    Though Trump did waffle Democrat for awhile, and his conservative credentials are still suspect, the practical libertarians will admit that he’s far less damaging than HRC would have been.

    HRC would have fought to gut the 2A and enforced progressive values at gunpoint.

    Donald is at least willing to listen and make a deal.

    The practical libertarians will also keep doing things the way they want to, regardless of who is President.

    My crash plan for HRC was to start investing in 3D printing and CNC machining technology. Because f–k her, you know?


  2. I currently live in a hell hole county that went over 75% for Clinton. On the other hand that gives me the luxury of voting my conscience without facing the legitimate accusation of having swung an election in the wrong direction.

    So I voted my conscience, which, after Johnson went full foaming at the mouth SJW, meant voting for Trump as the more Libertarian candidate.

    Welcome to the world turned upside down.


    1. Miami was Clinton Central during the election. She and Barry were down here so much that I thought they both bought vacation homes down here. Every other week, the entire metropolitan area went to hell because when the King and supposed-Queen-to-be showed up, traffic was rerouted lest us mere mortals taint their august auras with our presence.

      Oddly enough though, as the election drew closer, I saw lots of Trump signs spring up around town. I drove by one polling place and right at the 100 yard mark was a whole mess of Trump signs, along with a fair amount of Johnson/Weld signs.



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