People Went Nuts When A Brooklyn Store Played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

After getting our Brazilian Arabica ground for drip (I know, I should really use a French Press), Libby and I walked towards the organic maple syrup. That’s when it started. I suppose there had been music playing in the store, but I hadn’t noticed until a familiar guitar lick pierced the air and a soft voice said, “Turn it up.”Libby and I both stopped and looked at each other. “Seriously?” said my wife, a very disappointed Clinton supporter. She started gripping her soft Tomme Crayeuse a little too hard. By the time Ronnie Van Zant’s drawl started in with “Big wheels keep on turnin’,” everyone in the store was standing in shock. Brows were furrowed, people mumbled to each other. The song seemed to get louder as one of those New York moments happened, when everyone was thinking the exact the same thing. A woman in her fifties, wearing a Love Trump Hates button, turned to her Brooklyn-bearded husband and said loudly, “This is unbelievable!” She found the nearest store clerk, a young woman in a green apron who was staring up at the ceiling, looking for the invisible speakers blaring this message from the other America. “This is so inappropriate,” the woman said. “Can we turn this off?”

Source: People Went Nuts When A Brooklyn Store Played ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

It is a hilarious piece and also very revealing. Give it a read.

And just because I can:


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  1. Switch on Freebird. See if they can complain about that.

  2. It sure would have been fun to be there.

  3. If Calexit passes, I insist we include NYC in the deal.

  4. Go and read the article, it’s worth it. The opening discourse about coffee and coffeemakers is a clue to the somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone. In the event, however, the author thoughtfully addresses the reasons behind that patron’s behavior. The best line was his analysis of her underlying mental state that comes out as, “Why can’t we turn it off?”
    The ability to ignore what we don’t agree with these days has reached staggering heights. That’s why the left is still calling the Trump victory “surprising” and “unexpected.” Personally, I didn’t think he was a shoo-in, but rather thought it was going to be down to the wire. Hillary supporters just assumed that they would blow Trump out of the water. Well, “he who laughs last….” etc.

  5. Many people point out the line “we all love the governor” as proof it’s a racist song, when the next line is “boo boo boo”

    • Yeah, they remember it that way, but the actual lyric is: “In Birmingham they love the governor.” They explicitly introduce an “us and them” to show that that is a sentiment that they do not agree with, as you point out.

  6. We’re all just cousin humpin’ hicks, bitterly clinging to our guns and bibles to those city folk. Oh, they preach tolerance, but have little tolerance for any but their own kind, any views other than those that fit theirs and their opinions of others.

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