Because the police is there to protect you.

Ten people were shot, one of them fatally, in the crowded heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter early Sunday, police said.Shots were fired at around 1:30 a.m. on the famous Bourbon Street at its intersection with Iberville Street, one block from Canal Street. Thirty police officers were already in the same block as part of extra patrols following the earlier Bayou Classic college football game and were able to respond quickly, Superintendent Michael Harrison told NBC station WDSU.

Source: Bourbon Street, New Orleans Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 9 Hurt: Police – NBC News

And sometimes we need an image to drive the point home:


According to Google Maps, the section highlighted in the photo is 334.62 feet long, that comes to one cop every 11.1 feet average or 22.2 if they were paired.

And still, a drunk or dope dealer or an armed robber or whatever, ignored that there were cops present, ignored that the law kinda frowns on shooting other people and proceeded to unload on 10 human beings for whatever reason.

One Tweeter #Gunsense idiot had this wonderful explanation of the events:


Still waiting for a response on that last question, but I imagine it will never happen since she deleted her tweets.
So, please. Keep telling me how nothing will happen to me or mine if I follow your magical rules.

2 Replies to “Because the police is there to protect you.”

  1. “The idea that criminals neither respect the law nor are they afraid of cops crossed your mind?”

    From her previous statements I would have to say that it’s doubtful that much actually crosses her mind.


  2. It sounds like there was a fight between two idiots, it escalated and they both started shooting. They missed each other, but managed to shoot ten innocents, killing one of the bystanders. Despite the thirty police officers on that street and how many dozens of others in the area, they both escaped.



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