Ohio State Active Shooter that never was.

Once again, you have to let the first batch of news go by and wait for info to filter through. The initial info came out via a mass text from the University warning everybody about an Active Shooter, but there was none. What turned out to be was a nutso with two very different weapons. The attacker used a car to run over students congregated outside a building after a fire alarm was activated (I am betting was the same arsehole), then got out of his vehicle and started to slash people with a big knife.

And as before, Moms Demand and Everytown jumped the Nerf Gun (Only type allowed in their circle) and the followers did not waste time. I went two collage columns as just one just couldn’t hold so much stupidity and subsequent Schadenfreude on my part. Sorry, but you may need to click the pic to enlarge it for clarity. There are some really strange comments in there, enjoy in good health!

PS: Who stopped the attacker? You got it, man: Good guys with guns.


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5 Replies to “Ohio State Active Shooter that never was.”

  1. I’m not going to fault the college on this one. They most likely had a preprinted text to send out and better to get a slightly inaccurate warning out quickly than one that’s slower. Be it a gun or a knife, the correct response from the disarmed students would be the same.
    Though I imagine they might add an appropriate preprinted text for future events.

    1. I suggest their preparation for the future include the words “the campus will abide by all Ohio laws regarding firearms, and will no longer be a defenseless target zone”.

  2. “Why do we say shooter…”

    That’s because of leftists with an anti gun agenda making it so that the gun is center attention

    1. university of colorado had a machete guy awhile back, and sent out messages about an “active harmer situation”, to much ridicule. i could see universities saying “forget it, we’ll just call them all active shooters, because it’ll get folks to do the right thing”

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