Another reason Why We Win.

From the NRA’s 12 Women Shaping The Shooting World.


And yes, it is the proper and selective “marketing” if you wish, but when what the best the Opposition can field is this:


You understand Why We Win.

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  1. Mister Queequeg! Hast seen the White Whale?

  2. Huh, and I can’t imagine for the life of me Julie Golob who, is a total sweetheart and class act, nor Kim Rhode, ever posing in just panties and a coffee cup simply to promote their brand. You know why? Cause they don’t have to. It is a slow steady crawl, but we are winning the culture war.

  3. Seems like she is ready to embrace an unarmed fate and get raped.

    Women should not have to be armed to be safe, but we live in a very dangerous world. Those who want to limit that right to be armed are evil and complicit in all acts of violence against women.

  4. Showed this to the Fiance; her response was “and one woman who should invest in shapewear instead of sheer”

  5. Come on guys. A six pack and a light switch. Ammiright?

  6. MY EYES!!! ARGH!!!! Some things you can not un-see.

  7. Have to give Tac Tissy some love!

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