Somehow by the attitude and faces of the kids, I don’t think the talk had a profound interest.


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  1. Political grandstanding in a public school…pathetic.

    • And school assembly attendance is typically mandatory … which means all those “supportive kids” are actually a captive audience.

      They should frame this picture. It’s the largest crowd they’ve had attend an event in a very long time.

  2. Name just one gun control law that stops mass shootings.

    There is none. Terrorists and SOBs can get whatever they want or use alternate means to kill people.

    People shooting them is what stops them.

  3. I like the kid in the upper right giving the “two fingered salute”. Obviously a Brady Supporter!

  4. Why, when I look at his picture, am I reminded of all those pictures of poor deformed babies with microcephaly as a result of the zika virus? 🙁

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